Counseling Ministry Planting for Local Church

Churches’ necessity over professional counseling has climbed up recently, as these days life challenges and difficulties become more complex. Churches have tried their best to increase their service corporately in many ways but still they need to be assisted through counseling in personal as well as family.

Depression, anxiety, paranoid, self-harming and other variety of mental problems have become issues for many church members as well as family conflict, marital affair, emotional disturbance and more over as we live in the digital age, gaming online addiction drastically incline! In regard of this unexpected condition, AKKI has tried to find the best way on how to enhance counseling service in term of quantity and competency of human resources.

AKKI has cooperated with other counseling centers to fulfill these needs by providing certified training and special classes to equip lay counselors, teachers, social activists, pastors and others.

Program Information

This is a 2-month program of which would review the essential counseling skills. This program could equip the participants with relevant skills on how to help clients. At the end of this program, the participants would get the certificate from AKKI.


  1. Get their sense of self awareness over their own values and belief increased so taht they have known better to discerning between their own agenda or what clients actully want to.
  2. Describe, distinguish, demonstrate essensial counseling skill through practical counseling.
  3. Learn deeper counseling theory and big issues in counseling
  4. Be able to determine when to refer the client to other field of proffesionalism


  1. Counseling Skills and Process
  2. Skills Practice comprising role plays, video review of role plays and feedback as well as personal reflection of skill Practice
  3. Supporting topics adjusted with institution’s necessity
  4. Burnout and Self-Care

Program Structure

The program consists of 60 hours instruction and training. Instruction given especially based on counseling theory and basic principles, experience along with using intensive role play, training and case exposure.

Class Schedule

Graduation Requirement

  1. Completion of satisfactorily assignments
  2. Actively participate in role play and practical skills
  3. Demonstrate using counseling skills correctly
  4. 80% of class participation


Program Fee: (Please ask)

Bank Account: CIMB Niaga 800073360200 a/n. Asosiasi Konselor Kristen Indonesia